About Herstory

Herstory is a stirring kaleidoscope of exemplary women from different backgrounds, temperaments, passions, and achievements. The stories of these women challenge and move beyond long-held traditions about gender relations and cultural prescriptions on gender roles. Herstory is about women and for women. First, by telling their stories of success, Herstory seeks to inform society (if they were not already aware) that the days of primordial gender prejudices against women are well and truly over. Second, and even more importantly, these women’s successes clearly disavow the belief that there are limits to what a woman can attain in life, and therefore serve as an agenda for the rest of the womenfolk to live their dreams. These narratives thus redefine and delineate the contours of women empowerment and leadership in communities, thereby broadening the discourse to include the transformative power of the individual and her society.


To be a leading global platform that promotes women, inspires them to optimally explore their potential for greatness in all spheres of life, and that musters men’s support for a more progressive and gender-friendly society.


To capture and document women’s experiences everywhere, and to celebrate their successes and achievements.

Our Team

Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Udu Yakubu
Founding/Consulting Editor: Dr. Anthonia Yakubu
Editor: Damilola Adepeju